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Our Clients

Family Stewards

Generally these clients are grandparents with traditional family values who have strong feelings about whether they want to leave an estate to their children or spend their last dollar before they die. They are good savers and earn between $75K and $175K per year. They enjoy reviewing the bigger picture of their financial situation. Working as a trusted advisor, these clients appreciate our inclusion of their children in client meetings, and welcome our offers to host “family meetings”. Their children are encouraged to use us as a resource and guidance in financial situations.

  • Over Age 50
  • An expression of strong family values
  • Middle and upper middle management employment situations
  • Active participants in company retirement plan
  • Liabilities are at a minimum
  • Investible assets of $300K to $2.5MM


These households earn a significant income and are most likely very busy. They have long term goals but struggle to find the time to put the proper planning into action. Coming from a diverse background of accountants, attorneys and sales executives, they feel at ease with a professional who can coordinate with their other advisors (accountants & attorneys) to craft a long term plan. They seek our help with analyzing excess cash flow to seek ways to build their family wealth.

  • Have household incomes from$200k to $500k
  • Excess Cash Flow
  • Strong desire to fund long term goals
  • Lead Busy Lives
  • Appreciate Advisor to coordinate with their other advisors (tax, legal)


These clients are survivors to an estate left behind due to the death of a spouse. These also include recent divorcees and clients that have recently received an inheritance. In most cases these clients are looking to simplify their financial affairs and reduce the overall stress of being overwhelmed from the sudden loss and responsibility of being in charge of financial decisions. Acting as a trusted advisor in financial, family and other planning matters, they seek our help in guiding them to a more certain future.

  • Overwhelmed
  • Pressure from responsibility to make financial decisions
  • Uncertain of the future
  • Income needs
  • Typically over age 65